The Project behind the Kratom

Project Kratom consists of a small group of kratom enthusiasts. We work closely together with the farmers in Borneo and in previous years we have always acted as suppliers. However, we realized that, even though our greatest passion of sharing Kratom with the world has been fulfilled, we would much rather be in touch with all of you directly. That way we can hear about all your wonderful experiences firsthand, improve ourselves and our service based on your recommendations, and make sure we provide you with nothing but the best every day!


All our best Kratom in leaf or powder form. The Kratom everyone knows and loves, ground to perfection! Or, the perfect way to avoid a mouthful of ground.

Tongkat Ali

Relatively unknown but slowly making its way to main stream herbal brews. Tongkat Ali, or "Malaysian Ginseng", is a root that is used for a variety of reasons.



The Power Of Pure nature