Who Are We?

We are a small group of people whose personality and beliefs are reflected perfectly by our brand Project Kratom. We are a young, informal, and client-oriented team that is not afraid to get down and get our hands dirty crawling through the jungles of Borneo to get you the best product. By now we have been working closely together with the farmers in Borneo for years, yet we only recently realized that, even though we achieved our greatest passion of sharing Kratom with the world, we would much rather be in touch with you directly. That way we can get to know all of your wonderful experiences and directly act upon your recommendations every day, so we can keep providing you with nothing but the best.

We have been active for about 8 years in the Kratom industry but have only focused on wholesale. However, we have come to the conclusion that we wanted to set out on our own and experience all aspects of the business to the fullest. We have since partnered up with Roan, our NL based partner, to better serve our clients in the EU. Beyond an easy point of access for our EU clients, Roan also acts as a transit point where we can briefly store Kratom in advance to ensure fast deliveries whenever your stock runs out faster than expected.


What We Stand For

Here at Project Kratom we value transparency, quality, hygiene, and the freshness of our products above all. However, these are most certainly not our only priorities. We have learned a lot over the years, and one of the most important lessons was the relationship between us and our customers. We have always strived for a fun, caring, but still professional connection with everyone that joins our family.

While the values we hold close to heart are largely common courtesy, we believe that they should be at the core of anyone offering a service. Therefore we would like to share our experiences with you and hope that we can learn from yours.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and inspired by “farm to table”. We, however, like to refer to it as “tree to cup”. It is a goal that everyone behind Project Kratom strives for. The freshest product straight from the trees sent directly to wherever you are. With that in mind, you can rest ensured that you will never receive “old” or “aged” products from us. That means we only fire up our machines when an order has been placed. As such, we make sure that we provide a fresh and high-quality product, yet we don’t stop there. 

We know that you guys, especially in the US, are having troubles with the FDA constantly breaking down on you. That counteract this, we provide you with a lab test for each batch that we send out to you, covering alkaloid precentages, a bacterial test (Salmonella, E. coli, etc.) and a heavy metals test for the FDA/customs alongside our own MSDS. Kratom is more and more featured in lots of headlines that can greatly impact the market, so we will update any tests accordingly.

So happy shopping, and in case you have any questions or would simply like to get to know us a little better, just drop us a line at hello@projectkratom.com or fill out the contact form over on our Contact page.